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  • As parents, protect your child from cyberbullying with Chatstat’s AI monitoring
  • Foster healthy online habits and empower your teenage children
  • Experience peace of mind with privacy-first, secure social media monitoring
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Protect Your Kids in the Digital Age: Chatstat, Your Ally in Parenting

As parents, you want the best for your children. In today’s digital world, that includes protecting them from the potential dangers lurking on social media. With Chatstat, you can be proactive in safeguarding your child from cyberbullying, mental health issues, and self-harm.

The Online Landscape: Challenges and Dangers

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and teenagers are no exception. While it offers numerous benefits, it also exposes them to risks such as cyberbullying, online predators, and exposure to inappropriate content. As parents, you need a reliable and powerful tool to help you navigate this complex landscape and ensure the well-being of your teen.

Chatstat: Your Parental Superpower

Chatstat is an AI-driven social media monitoring platform designed to help parents like you proactively address cyberbullying, mental health concerns, and self-harm among teenagers. Our advanced algorithm scans publicly posted content on popular social media platforms, identifying at-risk content and sending you timely alerts twice a day. With Chatstat, you can:
1. Monitor your teen’s social media presence without invading their privacy;
2. Receive alerts on potential cyberbullying incidents or mental health issues;
3. Take appropriate action to support and protect your teen.

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Why Choose Chatstat for Your Family?

Privacy-First Approach: We understand the importance of respecting your teen’s privacy. Chatstat focuses on monitoring publicly posted content, ensuring a non-intrusive yet effective approach to social media monitoring.

Data Security:

Chatstat adheres to strict data protection standards, including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and Privacy Act compliance. You can trust us to keep your teen’s data safe and secure.

Customizable Alerts:

You can customize alert settings to suit your preferences and ensure that you receive the most relevant information about your teen’s online activity.

User-Friendly Platform:

Our intuitive platform and mobile app make it easy to stay informed and take action when necessary.

Committed to Continuous Improvement:

At Chatstat, we are dedicated to constantly improving our platform and expanding our coverage to include new and emerging social media platforms.

Empower Your Teen and Foster Healthy Online Habits

Our goal is not only to provide parents with the tools to protect your teen but also to empower them to make responsible choices online. By using Chatstat, you can open up conversations with your teen about their online experiences and educate them about the importance of online safety. Together, you can work on building their digital resilience and developing healthy online habits.

Take the First Step: Sign Up for a Free Trial

Experience the benefits of Chatstat firsthand by signing up for a free trial. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the “Free Trial” button to get started. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your parenting toolkit and give your teen the protection they deserve in the digital age.

Seize the Moment and Secure Your Teen’s Digital Future

As parents, you have the power to shape your teen’s online experiences and protect them from potential harm. Equip yourself with Chatstat and become their ally in navigating the complex world of social media. Sign up below for a free trial today and take the first step toward a safer online environment for your teen.