Our Story

  • Advancing the use of AI technology for healthy social media monitoring
  • Proactively addressing cyberbullying and mental health
  • Growing to become a leading global player in cyber safety and well-being
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Our Mission

Chatstat is dedicated to creating a secure and safe digital space. The safety and mental well-being of young users are paramount. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, we proactively identify and mitigate online risks, ensuring that social media spaces become a safe-guard of positive interaction and growth. By empowering parents, educators, and institutions with our technology, we uphold the sanctity of privacy while fostering a culture of early intervention in the face of cyberbullying, harmful content, and at-risk behavior. Our mission is to vigilantly guard the online frontiers, so that freedom of expression thrives within the boundaries of respect and safety. Keep reading to learn more about our story.

Pioneering Cyber Safety and Mental Health Solutions

Chatstat was founded in March 2021, sparked by a shared passion among our team members to make a difference in the world of cyber safety and mental health. Recognizing the growing need for proactive measures to combat online risks, we developed an AI-driven social media monitoring platform to help parents, schools, universities, hospitals, community organizations, and medical practitioners address cyberbullying, mental health, and self-harm.

Achieving Global Impact through Innovation and Collaboration

Our commitment to innovation and collaboration has fuelled our rapid growth, earning us a reputation as a leading global player in the cyber safety and mental health sector. Today, we proudly serve clients across Australia and the United States. We plan to expand our reach even further in the near future. Through our dedication to empowering communities and fostering positive connections, we strive to make the online world a safer place. We can do this by creating a secure and safer digital space for our families.

Together We Can Make A Difference

At Chatstat, we believe in the collective power of individuals and communities to instigate positive change in the digital realm. We invite you to unite where each contribution becomes part of a larger movement towards a safer online world. Let’s collaborate, harnessing our AI technology to detect and diminish the threats of cyberbullying and unsafe content. This synergy not only protects our youth but also preserves the integrity of online interactions. Together, we can shape a digital landscape where safety and well-being are the cornerstones of every social media platform. Our story is just beginning!

Learn more about Chatstat and how we can help you protect your loved ones. Keep up to date on our blog for the latest news and how to guides in the digital space.